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A2 Road

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[A2] East Rochester Way (DA1,DA5) (Bexley)

Hazard(s) [Obstruction] - [A2] East Rochester Way (Eastbound) after the junction of Southwold Road/Black Prince - No reported delays in the area. (#173542)

Update 2 Hrs Ago 2017-10-19 14:04:35 
Traffic is free flowing.

[A2] Shooters Hill Road (SE3,SE10) (Lewisham,Greenwich)

Special and Planned Events [Other] - [A2] Shooters Hill Road (SE3/SE10) (All Directions) at the junction of Prince Of Wales Road - Road closure in place to facilitate Blackheath Fire Works Display. (#171988)

Roadworks (9)

[A2] Shooters Hill Road (SE10,SE3) (Lewisham,Greenwich)

Works [TfL] - [A2] Shooters Hill Road (SE10/SE3) (Both directions) between [B210] Charlton Way and Stratheden Road - Various overnight lane closures in place to facilitate resurfacing and maintenance works. From 9th Oct to 13th Dec (exc Fridays, Saturdays and November 5th and 12th) Restrictions on Shooters Hill Road. Prince Charles Road will be closed on 20 to 22nd Nov & 1, 3, 4, 6 & 7th December. Maze Hill and Vanbrugh Terrace will be closed 22 to 24th November. Stratheden Road will be closed 28 to 30th November. Prince of Wales Road will be closed 28 November to 4th December. (#166214)

Much Earlier On 2017-10-19 04:10:00 
Traffic is flowing well.

[A2] Blackheath Hill (SE10) (Lewisham,Greenwich)

Works [Utility] - [A2] Blackheath Hill (SE10) (All Directions) at the junction of Dartmouth Hill - Two way temporary traffic signals are in place to facilitate Thames Water mains repair works. (#173472)

[A2213] Kidbrooke Park Road (SE3,SE12) (Greenwich)

Works [TfL] - [A2213] Kidbrooke Park Road (SE3/SE12) (Southbound) at the junction of Cambert Way - Lane one closure in place to enable bus shelter works (nightly 2000hrs to 0500hrs). (#173321)

[A2] East Rochester Way (DA5,DA1) (Bexley)

Works [TfL] - [A2] East Rochester Way (Eastbound) at the junction of Bourne Road - Lanes one and two will be closed eastbound to facilitate a flyover inspection. The eastbound off-slip to Bourne Road will be fully closed throughout the works. (Nightly between 22:00-04:00) (#173249)

[A2] Black Prince (DA5,DA1) (Bexley)

Works [TfL] - [A2] Black Prince (DA5) (Westbound) at the junction of Southwold Road - Lanes one and two will be closed to facilitate a flyover insepction. The off-slip to Southwold Road will also be closed. (Nightly between 22:00 and 04:00) (#173246)

A2 [B216] Peckham Park Road (SE15) (Southwark)

Works [Utility] - [B216] Peckham Park Road (SE15) (All Directions) at the junction of Green Hundred Road - Single alternate lane working under two-way temporary traffic signal control during Thames Water works. (#173177)

[A2] Old Kent Road (SE5,SE15,SE1) (Southwark)

Works [TfL] - [A2] Old Kent Road (SE1) (Both Directions) between Marlborough Grove and Glengall Road near the superstores - Various closures between approximately 2100hrs and 0500hrs each night during resurfacing works. Monday 30 and Tuesday 31 October, closed northbound. Wednesday 1 and Thursday 2 November, closed southbound. (#173134)

[A2] Eltham Tunnel (A2) (SE9) (Greenwich)

Works [TfL] - [A2] Eltham Tunnel (A2) (Both Directions) - Lane two in both direction is closed to enable overnight maintenance works. (#172883)

[A2] Amersham Road (SE14) (Lewisham)

Works [TfL] - [A2] Amersham Road (Southbound) at the junction of New Cross Road - Due to resurfacing works, the right-turn from eastbound New Cross Road into southbound Amersham Road will be closed. Diversion via New Cross Road, Brookmill Road, Loampit Hill and Lewisham Way. (#171710)

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