Qatar World Cup organisers say a British man has died while working on a stadium for the 2022 FIFA World Cup - 1hrs ago

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M25 (RM4) (Havering)

Hazard(s) [Fire] - [M25] M25 (RM4) (Both Directions) between J27 (M11) and J28 (A12) - The motorway is closed clockwise due to a HGV vehicle fire. Anti- clockwise has now reopened. Expect an increase in traffic on the A406 in the Redbridge, Ilford and Barking areas, the Woolwich Ferry and Blackwall Tunnel. (#148830)

Update 2 Hrs Ago 2017-01-20 08:48:33 
Clockwise tailbacks are reaching beyond J26 (Waltham Abbey), anti-clockwise residual queues are to J29 (A127). Resulting delays southbound M11 which is currently slow from J5. A406 is slower than usual southbound between Charlie Browns Interchange and Ilford. A127 Westbound is slow from Hall Lane.

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North Side A13
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Woolwich Ferry Restrictions

Load Restrictions: No Hazchem Vehicles

Max Vehicle Height: 4.7 Meters High

Max Vehicle Width: 3.5 Meters Wide

Abonormal Loads: Must Call Ahead 02088539400