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Severe Traffic (5)

M50 | Herefordshire | Both Directions | Road Closed Midlands

Severe [] - The M50 in Herefordshire is closed in both directions between J1 and J2 due to serious road traffic collision. Emergency Services, West Mercia Police and Highways England Traffic Officers are in attendance. Trapped traffic is currently being released from the scene. Although there is no official diversion route road users may wish to consider the following route. Road users wishing to join the M50 westbound from the M5 at J8 are advised to stay on the M5 and continue to J11 then take the A40 towards Gloucester then join the A417 northbound and continue until you re-join the M50 at J2.Road users  travelling eastbound are advised to exit the M50 at J2 then take the A417  southbound towards Gloucester then join the A40 eastbound and continue to the M5 at J11. Road users are advised to allow extra time for their journey.Further incident information is available from Highways England by visiting our website and travel apps, or via our HighwaysEMIDS regional twitter feed. For urgent real time assistance, our 24/7 contact centre team is able to provide up to the minute information on 0300 123 5000. Last updated on: 22/05/2019 16:32 (#2019-05-22 16:32:03)

Future Consideration [A312] The Parkway (UB3,UB4) (Hillingdon)

Traffic Incidents [Collision] - [A312] The Parkway (UB3/UB4) (Northbound) at the junction of Ossie Garvin Roundabout - Road closed following a collision. (#215760)

Update Just In! 2019-05-22 15:46:39 
The road has now been closed. Traffic is diverted via Uxbridge Road westbound tailbacks are back the junction of the M4 (J3). Uxbridge Road eastbound is also slow moving. Please use other routes.

[A13] Alfreds Way (EAST HAM AND BARKING BY-PASS) (IG11) (Barking & Dagenham)

Traffic Incidents [Emergency Services Incident] - [A13] Alfreds Way (East Ham And Barking By-pass) (IG11) (Eastbound) at the junction of Movers Lane Flyover - Lane one (of three) is blocked due to a emergency service incident. (#215757)

Update Just In! 2019-05-22 15:44:01 
Eastbound traffic is slow on A13. Traffic is tailed back to East India Dock Road junction of Canton Street. Eastbound traffic is slow on Aspen Way junction of West India Dock Road. Eastbound on Limehouse Link is slow, traffic is tailed back to The Highway junction of Glamis Road. Eastbound traffic is slow on Barking Road junction of New Barn Street. Southbound traffic is slow on A406. Traffic is tailed back beyond Southend Road . Southbound traffic is slow on Prince Regent Lane junction of Barking Road. Northbound traffic is slow on Prince Regent Lane junction of Shipman Road. Northbound on Royal Docks Road is slow, traffic is tailed back to Royal Albert Way. A12 northbound is slow, traffic is tailed back to Bow Roundabout. Expect delays.

Blackwall Tunnel, A13 [A102] Blackwall Tunnel Northern Approach (E14) (Tower Hamlets)

Traffic Incidents [Breakdown] - [A102] Blackwall Tunnel Northern Approach (Southbound) at the junction of East India Dock Road - Broken down HGV has now been recovered with both lanes having reopened (#215747)

Recent Update! 2019-05-22 15:27:30 
Traffic is flowing well for this time of the day.

A4 (W1J) (Westminster)

Hazard(s) [Fire] - [A4] A4 Piccadilly (W1J) (westbound) at the junction of Duke Street St Jamess - The carriageway is restricted westbound due to a vehicle fire (#215748)

Update 3 Hrs Ago 2019-05-22 13:50:16 
Approach with caution. Traffic is moving well past the scene.