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Severe Traffic (3)

A31 | Dorset | Both Directions | Traffic Collision | Road Closed Across Southern England

Severe [] - The A31 in Dorset is closed in both directions near Bere Regis, between the junctions with the A35 and A350, due to a traffic collision. Dorset Police investigation work will be followed by vehicle recovery and scene cleanup.Dorset Police are on scene, and traffic will be diverted eastbound following the Hollow Circle diversion symbol. From Bere Regis via the A35 towards Poole, then at Upton northbound on the A350 to rejoin the A31 near Sturminster Marshall. Westbound traffic should follow the Hollow Square diversion symbol, which is the reverse of the eastbound diversion route.Closures are expected to remain into this mornings rush hour. Road users are advised to allow additional travel time and consider alternative routes if heading this way.Updates to this incident will be posted to our dedicated Twitter feed for the region, HighwaysSWEST.Last updated on: 16/08/2018 05:32 (#2018-08-16 05:32:27)

[A1112] Rainham Road South (RM10) (Barking & Dagenham)

Infrastructure Issue [Traffic Signal] - [A1112] Rainham Road South (RM10) (All Directions) at the junction of Reede Road - The traffic signals at this location are out of order following a collision. (#197283)

Update 2 Hrs Ago 2018-08-16 03:21:12 
Traffic is flowing well on diversion.

Bishopsgate Cross Route [A2] Great Dover Street (SE1) (Southwark)

Works [Utility] - [A2] Great Dover Street (SE1) (Northbound) at the junction of Borough High Street - There is a lane closure in place to facilitate Virgin Media works. (#197106)

Much Earlier On 2018-08-15 13:39:43 
Traffic delays may occur when restrictions are in place.