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[A13] ALFREDS WAY (IG11,IG11;RM9,RM9) (Barking & Dagenham)

Works [TfL works] - [A13] Lodge Avenue flyover (Both directions) - Closed between approximately 22:00 and 06:00 each night Monday to Friday, inclusive, during maintenance. Additionally, lane restrictions on slip-roads as required. (#172804)

Update 2 Hrs Ago 2023-06-02 02:53:45 
The Lodge Avenue Flyover is reopened to traffic again. The next closure is at 2200hrs.

[A205] WALDRAM CRESCENT (SE23) (Lewisham)

Works [Utility works] - [A205] Waldram Crescent (Both directions) at the junction of [A205] Waldram Park Road - Three-way temporary signals in place due to emergency burst water main repairs. (#178648)

Much Earlier On 2023-06-01 20:32:26 
Traffic flows have returned to normal levels for the time of day.

Inner Ring [A501,A400,A4200] EUSTON ROAD (NW1,NW1;WC1H) (Camden)

Works [Collaborative works] - [A501] Euston Road (Both directions) between [A400] Gower Street and [A4200] Upper Woburn Place - Various lane and footway restrictions during HS2-related works. Monday 20 February to Saturday 3 June, inclusive, [A501] (Both directions) between Euston Square and Melton Street, lane restrictions during removal of the central reservation. Lane one (of two) eastbound is also closed between Grafton Place and Upper Woburn Place. (#170253)

Much Earlier On 2023-06-01 20:29:40 
Traffic is flowing well.

[A109] BOUNDS GREEN ROAD (N22) (Haringey)

Collisions [Vehicle collision] - [A109] Bounds Green Road (Eastbound) at the junction of [A105] High Road - Road is cleared following a collision (#178696)

Much Earlier On 2023-06-01 19:05:24 
Traffic has resumed to normal flow for the time of day.

NEW CHANGE (EC2V,EC4M) (City of London)

Emergency service incidents [Police activity] - New Change (All directions) newgate Street - The road is closed due to an Emergency Services incident. (#178677)

Much Earlier On 2023-06-01 16:42:05 
All lanes are open.


Works [TfL works] - [A2] Rochester Way Relief Road (Both directions) between [A208] Well Hall Road and Westmount Road - Lane two of two closed in both directions for maintenance works daily between 09:00 & 15:30 hours until 02/06/23. (#178502)

Much Earlier On 2023-06-01 14:30:38 
Works resume 02/06/23 at 0930 hours. Expect delays.

Events of Interest (36)

[A219] FULHAM PALACE ROAD (W6) (Hammersmith & Fulham)

Works [Borough works] - [A219] Fulham Palace Road (Northbound) at the junction of [A219] Talgarth Road - Lane restrictions northbound and footway restrictions in place due to a burst water main and works on a new development. (#178040)

Update 2 Hrs Ago 2023-06-02 03:15:50 
Traffic is flowing well.

[A406] BOWES ROAD (N11,N13,N22) (Enfield)

Works [Utility works] - [A406] Bowes Road (Eastbound) between [A105] Green Lanes and Pymmes Road - Lane one of two closed due to a burst water main. (#178479)

Update 2 Hrs Ago 2023-06-02 03:14:30 
Traffic flowing well on the approach.

A40,A406 [A40] WESTERN AVENUE (UB6,W3,W5) (Ealing)

Works [Network Rail works] - [A40] Western Avenue (Both directions) at the junction of [A406] Hanger Lane Gyratory - Lane one closed westbound from Hanger Lane Gyratory from Tuesday 30 May until Monday 05 June. Lane closures in both directions between Tuesday 06 June until Tuesday 13 June. (#178160)

Update 2 Hrs Ago 2023-06-02 03:14:11 
Traffic is flowing well.

[A4] GREAT WEST ROAD (TW8) (Hounslow)

Works [TfL works] - [A4] Great West Road (All directions) at the junction of [B455] Ealing Road - Temporary traffic lights and lane closures in place to facilitate traffic signal work. (#177103)

A12 [A107] CAMBRIDGE HEATH ROAD (E1,E2) (Tower Hamlets)

Asset issues [Traffic signal fault] - [A107] Cambridge Heath Road (All directions) at the junction of Darling Row - The traffic signals are not working. (#177038)

Update 2 Hrs Ago 2023-06-02 03:10:09 
Approach with caution

[A1010] HIGH ROAD (N17,N18) (Enfield,Haringey)

Planned events [Concert] - Beyonce in concert - Tottenham Hotspur Stadium - [A1010] High Road (All directions) at the junction of Northumberland Park - Beyonce in concert at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium on 29th May, 30th May, 1st June, 3rd June and 4th June 2023. High Road, Tottenham will be closed to facilitate ingress and egress to and from the event (#178077)

Updated Earlier 2023-06-01 22:34:05 
Congestion dissipating quickly. The event will take place Saturday 3rd June.

[A205] THURLOW PARK ROAD (SE21) (Lambeth,Southwark)

Works [TfL works] - [A205] Thurlow Park Road (All approaches) at the junction of [A2199] Croxted Road - Temporary traffic signals in operation to facilitate works. The A205 is reduced to one lane in both directions. (#172787)

[A206] WOOLWICH ROAD (SE10,SE7) (Greenwich)

Works [Utility works] - [A206] Woolwich Road (Eastbound) at the junction of Aldeburgh Street - Temporary traffic signals to facilitate SGN works. (#178000)

Future Consideration, A1 [A503] SEVEN SISTERS ROAD (N4,N7,N4;N7) (Islington,Hackney,Hackney;Haringey,Haringey;Islington)

Works [TfL works] - [A503] Seven Sisters Road (Eastbound) / [A503] Isledon Road (Westbound) / [A503] Tollington Road (Westbound) [A503] Parkhurst Road - Extensive lane restrictions are in place to facilitate Cycleway 50 works. (#171949)

Much Earlier On 2023-06-01 20:00:54 
Traffic is flowing well.

PRINCES STREET (EC2R,EC3V;EC2R) (City of London)

Works [Borough works] - Princes Street (All directions) at the junction of Lombard Street - Carriageway restrictions on all approaches to Bank junction due to City of London roadworks. Poultry is closed eastbound between Grovers Hall Court and Princes Street until 12:00 Monday 12 June and Queen Victoria Street is closed in both directions at the junction of Mansion House Street until Sunday 01 October. (#169661)

Much Earlier On 2023-06-01 19:55:57 
Delays are possible.

City Route, Farringdon Cross Route [A201] VICTORIA EMBANKMENT (EC4V,EC4Y,SE1) (City of London)

Works [Utility works] - Thames Tideway, [A3211] Victoria Embankment (EC4) (Both Directions) between [A201] Blackfriars Bridge and Horse Guards Avenue - Various carriageway restrictions are in place for the Tideway works. Northbound traffic on [A201] Blackfriars Road is diverted via [A3200] Stamford Street, [A301] Waterloo Bridge, [A4] Strand, Arundel Street and Temple Place. Southbound traffic on [A201] New Bridge Street is diverted via [A4] Fleet Street. The Cycle Superhighway has a new layout.. Find out more about the road changes at Victoria Embankment. (#23409)

Much Earlier On 2023-06-01 19:53:29 
Delays are possible.

Inner Ring [A4] PICCADILLY UNDERPASS (W2,W1K,W1J) (Westminster)

Planned events [Service disruption] - [A4] Piccadilly Underpass (W1J/W2) (Both Directions) - Lane two (of two) closed in both directions to facilitate maintenance works.. (#147416)

Much Earlier On 2023-06-01 19:52:41 
Delays are possible.

Inner Ring, A3 [A3205] NINE ELMS LANE (SW8) (Wandsworth,Lambeth)

Works [Utility works] - [A3205] Nine Elms Lane (Westbound) between Wandsworth Road and Riverside Court - Lane closures are in place to facilitate works. (#152875)

Much Earlier On 2023-06-01 19:50:20 
Delays are possible.

Bishopsgate Cross Route, Southern River Route [A3,A200] BOROUGH HIGH STREET (SE1) (Southwark)

Works [TfL works] - [A3] Borough High Street (Both Directions) between London Bridge Street and Newcomen Street - Restrictions and temporary traffic signals in place to facilitate carriageway works. (#165420)

Much Earlier On 2023-06-01 19:49:16 
Delays are possible.

Western Cross Route [A3212] CHELSEA EMBANKMENT (SW11,SW1W,SW3) (Westminster,Kensington & Chelsea)

Works [Utility works] - [A3212] Chelsea Embankment (SW11/SW3) (Both Directions) between Embankment Gardens and Chelsea Bridge - Various lane restrictions during Tideway Tunnel Project works. A new road layout remains in place for the duration of the works. More information on the Thames Tideway website. (#70574)

Much Earlier On 2023-06-01 19:42:47 
Delays are possible.

Blackwall Tunnel [A102] BLACKWALL TUNNEL SOUTHERN APPROACH (SE10) (Greenwich)

Works [TfL works] - [A102] Blackwall Tunnel Southern Approach (Southbound) at the junction of Tunnel Avenue - Reduced to two lanes (from three) due to carriageway widening as part of works relating to the Silvertown Tunnel scheme. Overnight works further reduce the carriageway to one lane. (#164925)

Much Earlier On 2023-06-01 18:40:24 
Delays are possible.

[A200] LOWER ROAD (SE16) (Southwark)

Works [Borough works] - [A200] Lower Road (All directions) at the junction of Surrey Quays Road - Restrictions in place to facilitate cycle way works. (#169414)

Much Earlier On 2023-06-01 18:40:04 
Delays are possible.

[A206] PLUMSTEAD HIGH STREET (SE18) (Greenwich)

Works [Borough works] - [A206] Plumstead High Street (All directions) at the junction of Lakedale Road - Lane restrictions and temporary traffic signals are in operation to facilitate borough junction improvement scheme works. (#170637)

Much Earlier On 2023-06-01 18:39:54 
Delays are possible.

Western Cross Route [A3220] BATTERSEA BRIDGE ROAD (SW11) (Kensington & Chelsea,Wandsworth)

Works [TfL works] - [A3220] Battersea Bridge Road (All approaches) at the junction of [B305] Westbridge Road - Temporary traffic lights to facilitate works. (#177912)

Much Earlier On 2023-06-01 18:39:33 
Delays are possible.

[B226] CHINBROOK ROAD (SE12) (Lewisham)

Works [Utility works] - [B226] Chinbrook Road (All approaches) at the junction of Marvels Lane - Temporary signals in operation due to water works. (#176101)

Much Earlier On 2023-06-01 18:36:54 
No reported delays to traffic.

[A2212] BURNT ASH ROAD (SE12) (Lewisham)

Works [Utility works] - [A2212] Burnt Ash Road (All approaches) at the junction of Southbrook Road - Multi way temporary traffic signals in operation for works by Thames Water (#178493)

Much Earlier On 2023-06-01 18:30:41 
Delays are possible.

Silvertown Tunnel, Greenwich Peninsula () ()

Works [TfL works] - Silvertown Tunnel project, Greenwich Peninsula - Various restrictions during Silvertown Tunnel-related works until 2025. for More information. Edmund Halley Way is currently closed eastbound. (#151062)

Much Earlier On 2023-06-01 18:28:34 
Delays are possible.

[A2216] CHAMPION PARK (SE5) (Lambeth,Southwark)

Works [Construction activity] - [A2216] Champion Park (Both directions) at the junction of Windsor Walk - Temporary traffic signals are in place to facilitate construction works. (#177503)

Much Earlier On 2023-06-01 18:27:27 
Delays are possible, use caution.

[A206] WOOLWICH CHURCH STREET (SE18,SE7) (Greenwich)

Works [Utility works] - [A206] Woolwich Church Street (Westbound) at the junction of Warspite Road - Lane closure to facilitate electrical works. (#177434)

Much Earlier On 2023-06-01 18:27:03 
Delays are possible, use caution.

Future Consideration [A400] HAMPSTEAD ROAD (NW1) (Camden)

Works [Service disruption] - A400 Hampstead Road NW1 (Both Directions) between Granby Terrace and Robert Street - Various restrictions during HS2-related works. (#77294)

Much Earlier On 2023-06-01 15:36:10 
Delays are possible.

[A404] HARROW ROAD (NW10) (Brent,Hammersmith & Fulham,Kensington & Chelsea)

Works [Utility works] - [A404] Harrow Road (All directions) at the junction of Trenmar Gardens - Temporary traffic signals in place due to electrical duct works. (#175240)

Much Earlier On 2023-06-01 14:51:52 
Delays are possible.

Future Consideration [A104] LEA BRIDGE ROAD (E5) (Hackney)

Works [TfL works] - Lea Bridge Roundabout (A107 / A104) - Various lane restrictions and temporary signals on Lea Bridge Roundabout and all approaches during works related to Cycleway 23. (#172780)

Much Earlier On 2023-06-01 13:55:56 
Delays are possible.

[A112] PLAISTOW ROAD (E13;E15) (Newham)

Works [Service disruption] - [A112] Plaistow Road (Both directions) at the junction of Upper Road - Single alternate lane working under temporary traffic signal control during works related to a nearby property development. (#175669)

Much Earlier On 2023-06-01 13:46:02 
Delays are possible.

A12 [A118] HIGH STREET (E3,E15) (Tower Hamlets,Newham)

Works [Utility works] - [A118] High Street (Both Directions) between Bow Roundabout (A12) and [A118] Great Eastern Road - Weight restriction on a section of [A118] High Street, Stratford, during collaborative works between Thames Water and Newham Council. Vehicles over 7.5 tonnes are diverted eastbound via [A118] Great Eastern Road and westbound via Bow Roundabout (A12). Vehicles over the weight limit are to follow the signed diversion. (#137721)

Much Earlier On 2023-06-01 12:57:36 
Delays are possible.

[A1020] SILVERTOWN WAY (E16) (Newham)

Asset issues [Asset maintenance] - [A1020] Silvertown Way (All approaches) at the junction of [A1020] Tidal Basin Road - Temporary signals in operation to facilitate modernisation works. (#177482)

Much Earlier On 2023-06-01 12:55:48 
Delays are possible.

[A12] COLCHESTER ROAD (RM3,CM14;RM3,CM14) (Havering)

Works [Service disruption] - [A12] Colchester Road (Both directions) at the junction of [M25] Junction 28 - Various restrictions during a National Highways junction improvement scheme. More information on the National Highways website. (#168246)

Much Earlier On 2023-06-01 12:55:29 
Delays are possible.

A4 [A306] HAMMERSMITH BRIDGE (W6,SW13) (Hammersmith & Fulham,Richmond upon Thames)

Asset issues [Service disruption] - [A306] Hammersmith Bridge (W6) (Both Directions) - The bridge is closed to all modes of transport apart from pedestrians and cyclists. (#89632)

Much Earlier On 2023-06-01 12:00:36 
Use other routes. Delays are possible on diversion.

Inner Ring [A202,A302] VICTORIA STREET (SW1E) (Westminster)

Planned events [Construction activity] - Nova development, Victoria - Various restrictions during works related to the Nova development. Currently lane restrictions southbound on Bressenden Place. (#155311)

Much Earlier On 2023-06-01 10:04:16 
Delays are possible.

THE MALL (SW1A,SW1Y) (Westminster)

Planned events [Ceremonial] - Trooping The Colour - Colonels Review - The Mall (All directions) at the junction of Horse Guards Road - There will be road closures in place around the St James Park Area to facilitate this event (#178655)

[A4202] PARK LANE () ()

Planned events [Celebration] - London Pride 2023 - [A4202] Park Lane (Southbound) at the junction of [A4202] Curzon Gate - London Pride 2023 will follow a route from Park Lane to Whitehall via Piccadilly, Haymarket and Trafalgar Square. There will be extensive road closures in place to facilitate the event. Expect large crowds. (#178615)

Long Term Update 2023-05-31 15:45:48 
Expect large crowds and increased traffic congestion

Inner Ring [A202] BRESSENDEN PLACE (SW1E,SW1W) (Westminster)

Works [Construction activity] - [A202] Bressenden Place (Eastbound) between [A302] Victoria Street and [A3214] Buckingham Palace Road - Various closures as below during crane operations. Closed 03:00 Friday 19 until 23:00 Sunday 21 May. Closed 21:00 Friday 02 until 04:00 Monday 05 June. (#176279)

Long Term Update 2023-05-22 02:42:35 
Works resume at 21:00 Friday 02 until 04:00 Monday 05 June

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