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Severe Traffic (2)

A406 [A205] Chiswick High Road (NORTH CIRCULAR ROAD) (W4) (Hounslow)

Works [Utility] - [A205] Chiswick High Road (North Circular Road) (W4) (Eastbound) at the junction of Clarence Road - Lane one (of two) is closed due to Thames Water works (#217596)

Update 3 Hrs Ago 2019-06-25 05:51:15 
Traffic is flowing well.

A406, A4 [A406] Gunnersbury Avenue (NORTH CIRCULAR ROAD) (W4,W3) (Hounslow)

Works [TfL] - Gunnersbury Avenue safety scheme, [A406] Gunnersbury Avenue (North Circular Road) (W3) (Both Directions) near the junction of Manor Gardens - Various restrictions will be in place to facilitate works. From Saturday 22nd June 2019 to Wednesday 26th June 2019 between 22:00 and 05:00 there will be a full northbound closure between Chiswick Roundabout and Popes Lane. More information. (#207541)

Updated Earlier 2019-06-25 04:12:09 
Work resumes at 2200.

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Neasden Lane North
A502 Golders Green Rd

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