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London Traffic Contact Information

To contact us regarding website issues only. Please write to info@ at the domain name in the address bar at the top of this page.

Status Bar Help: If you wondering what the status bar at the top of the page is about then this will help. 'Severe' is the total amount of severe or popular traffic incidents at this time. 'Medium' is the total amount of incidents currently running. 'LT' is the last time London Traffic (this website) updated its data. 'TfL' is the last time Transport for London issued an update. 'HA' is the Highways Agency data last update time.

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Contact List:

TfL Enquiries (Roads, Bus, River, DLR, Tube, Oyster, Refunds): Call 0343 222 1234 for Customer Service

Congestion Charging: Call 0343 222 2222 for London Congestion Charge Enquiries

Low Emission Zone: Call 0343 222 1111 for London Emission Zone Related Information

National Rail: Call 03457 48 49 50 for National Rail Information

Santander Cycles: Call 0343 222 6666 Customer Service

Highways Agency: Call 0300 123 5000 for Urgent Road Safety Issues Only or Email:

Woolwich Ferry: Call 0208 853 9400 Call Ahead for Trucks with Abnormal Loads

Dartford Crossing: Call 0300 300 0120 for Dart Charge Contact Centre

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