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[A127] Southend Arterial Road (RM2) (Havering)

Works - Ardleigh Green Bridge, [A127] Southend Arterial Road (RM2) (Both Directions) at the junction of Bryant Avenue - Various restrictions and a contra-flow in operation during bridge replacement works. Sunday 23 December from approximately 1030hrs to 2100hrs, Monday 24 December from approximately 0700hrs to 1330hrs and from approximately 0530hrs Tuesday 25 until 0500hrs Wednesday 26 December, [A127] Southend Arterial Road (Westbound) between Gallows Corner (A12) and Squirrels Heath Road, closed. Additionally, from approximately 2100hrs Sunday 23 until 0700hrs Monday 24 December, [A127] Southend Arterial Road (Both Directions), fully closed. Find out more about the Ardleigh Green bridge replacement. (#117841)

Much Earlier On 2018-12-14 19:55:15 
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