London Traffic Premium Access

Premium Access

Why Premium?

Due to rising costs of providing traffic services and the use of ad-blockers, our revenue stream has been significantly reduced.
Our only option was to switch to a subscription model which we did try to avoid for many years.
We do not belive in spam/gambling/junk advertising or selling client data to third parties, so our only solution is to charge a tiny fee.
This is merely a donation towards the operating cost of this website. Most information is available free of charge.
Important/Severe Traffic Information Alerts Are Free - Enough For Important Traffic Information.

Premium Offers: (£12.50/year or £2.95/month)
- Detailed Traffic Mapping with Congestion and Incident Indicators
- You can Request features for the Website like Additional Cameras if Available
- Full Screen Live Traffic Map
- Full Traffic SEARCH Facilities for Any Road - Great Feature!
- Tube Transit Maps
- Cycle Route Maps
- 24 Hour Support and User Suggested Updates
- If you are not 100% Satisfied - Email us within 24 hours for a Full Refund
- Feeling Good That You Are Supporting Our Website Traffic Community!