London Traffic Premium Access

Premium Access

Why Premium?

Due to rising costs of providing traffic services and the use of ad-blockers, our revenue stream has been significantly reduced.
Our only option was to switch to a subscription model which we did try to avoid for many years.
We do not belive in spam/gambling/junk advertising or selling client data to third parties, so our only solution is to charge a tiny fee.
This is merely a small donation towards the operating cost of this website.
People generally don't want to pay for anything online but we hope that you will be able to support us by signing up to premium access for £1/month.

Important/Severe Traffic Information Alerts Are Free - Enough For Important Traffic Information.

Premium Offers: (£1/month)
- Detailed Traffic Mapping with Congestion and Incident Indicators
- You can Request features for the Website like Additional Cameras if Available
- Full Screen Live Traffic Map
- Full Traffic SEARCH Facilities for Any Road - Great Feature!
- Tube Transit Maps
- Cycle Route Maps
- 24 Hour Support and User Suggested Updates
- If you are not 100% Satisfied - Email us within 24 hours for a Full Refund
- Feeling Good That You Are Supporting Our Website Traffic Community!