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Severe Traffic (1)

A205, A406 [A2204] Woolwich Ferry (SE18) (Greenwich)

Works [TfL] - [A2204] Woolwich Ferry (Both Directions) - Normal operating hours; Monday to Saturday, and public holidays, 0610hrs to 2000hrs and Sunday 1130hrs to 1930hrs, with the last northbound trip 1915hrs. More information. More information. (#196321)

Updated Earlier 2019-04-19 00:47:08 
Service will resume at about 0610hrs.

Traffic Cameras

Woolwich Ferry Traffic Cameras

North Side A13

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Woolwich Ferry Traffic Map

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Ferry Restrictions

Woolwich Ferry Restrictions

Load Restrictions: No Hazchem Vehicles

Max Vehicle Height: 4.7 Meters High

Max Vehicle Width: 3.5 Meters Wide

Abonormal Loads: Must Call Ahead 02088539400